Dussehra Festival in India – Dussehra Wallpapers and Photos

Navratri, or The Festival of Nine Nights, is famous and celebrated during the first nine days of the Hindu month of Ashvin. The festival is clearly connected with the worship of Mother Goddess and her nine forms.The tenth day is called Dussehra and is devoted to celebrating the overcome of the Lord Rama against the devil king Ravana. The event is also connected with the triumph of the respected Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo devil Mahishasura.

In different parts of India, various forms of celebrations are performed as part of the Dussehra celebration. In other words, India is the only country where a clelebration gets different form according to changes in the places. Dussehra festival brings this special feature to Indian festivals. Dussehra is also known as Vijayadasami Festival or Navratri Festival.  Most of the north Indian places celebrate Dussehra festival using  paint and costumes to recreate the situation. Fasting is also part of this celebration in some other places like Mumbai along with other forms of celebrations. People celebrate Dussehra festival, especially the youngsters, through Dussehra wallpapers, Dussehra festival greetings, Dussehra quotes, etc., sending each other. Here are some good Dussehra wallpapers and photos for you:

Dussehra Wallpapers – Navratri Photos – Vijayadasami Pictures


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