Holi Festival – Holi Wishes – Holi Wallpapers – Holi Pictures

Holi Festival in India is one of the important festivals of the country. Holi Celebration is performed with excitement and cheerfulness on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun, when considering Gregorian calendar it comes on the month of March. Similar to most of the Hindu festivals in India Holi is also a form of celebration which depicts the victory of good over evil. Holi Festival is also known as Festival of Colours due to its varied form of celebration throwing colours each other.

As the name suggests, it’s really a festival of colours where people enjoy the moments of having fun together by throwing different colours. Holi wishes and celebration is during the spring season and embodies all the festivity, liveliness and enthusiasm of the season. By standing at the point of its nature of celebration, it can be said that the holi is the festival of young’s. The celebration includes spraying colors, dance with traditional Holi songs, meet family and friends, share sweets each other, etc.

The below are the collection of some of the stunning Holi Wallpapers, Holi Wishes, Holi Quotes and Holi Photos:


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